Products A-H

Circuit Protection Devices, Contactors, Motor Starters, Variable Frequency Drives. Fusible Disconnect Switches Type F 30 to 800A 600V or Less, Non Fusible Disconnect Switches Type NF 30 to 1600A 600V or Less. Industrial Control Products. NEMA & IEC applications with UL Control Products and CSA approvals & CE certification.
Jokab Safety is now a member of the ABB Group! Their extensive program of products, safety solutions and their long experience in machine safety makes them a safe partner! Products include: Pluto Safety PLC, Pluto AS-i Safety PLC, Vital and Tina Systems, Safety Relays, Light Curtains and Grids, Stop Time Analyzers, Sensors and Switches, Safety Control Devices, E-Stop Buttons, Safety Mats and Strips, Hard Guarding Fencing Systems, Power Supplies, Block Contactors, Contactor Relays, and Pilot Devices.

Brad Harrison Quick-Disconnect System, Multi-Port Interconnect System (MPIS) 4, 6 or 8 Outlets with L.E.D. Display, Mini-Change Molded Connectors, Mini-Change Swinger Pushbutton Switch, Mini-Change Lighted Connectors, Mini-Tee Connectors, Micro Change Splitter, Micro-Change L.E.D. Plug, Micro-Change In-Line Receptacle, Nano-Change Molded Connectors, Quick-Change Molded Connectors, Control 8 through 12 Pole Connectors, Dual Round 9, 11, 16 & 17 Pole Connectors, Safety Plugs, Oval Push-Pull Connectors, High Voltage Cable Connectors, DeviceNet Sensor Actuator Bus Products, Devicenet Cable, Devicenet Connectors, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Network Connectivity.

Eaton Bussmann Series of Circuit Protection Products
Fused and Non-Fused Disconnect Switches, Fuse Blocks and Holders up to 600 volts and 600 amps + Accessories, 500 Vdc Battery Power and Auxiliary Fuses for electric vehicles in ratings from 5 to 400 amps, Electronic and Small Dimension Fuses, Fuses – High Speed (compact, North American, Square Body, BS 88 and Ferrule High Speed Fuses), IEC and British Standard Industrial Fuses, Fuses – Low Voltage Midget and Supplemental (Automotive, In-Line, Limiters, Midget and Pin Indicating), Fuses – Low Voltage UL/CSA (Class CC, CF, G, J, K5 and H, L, RK1, RK5 and T, and Plug Fuses), Medium Voltage Fuses up to 38kv, HVAC Disconnects (Fused and Non-Fused Rainproof Air Conditioner Pullout Units), Service Kits, Fuse Pullers, Fuse Reducers, etc., Finger-Safe, High SCCR and Standard Power Distribution Fuse Blocks (PDFBs), Power Distribution Blocks (PDBs), and Splicer and Terminal Distribution Blocks, Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboards (QSCP), Qquik-Spec Power Module Elevator Disconnects, Bussmann Series AC and DC Safety Switches for Safe Isolation of Equipment –  AC up to 100A, DC up to 200A, Solar PV Fuses, Surge Protective Devices/Surge Protectors, Telcom Circuit Protection Product, Terminal Blocks and Connectors.

Lever-less Limit Switches. GO Switch lever-less limit switches provide reliable position sensing in the most demanding applications, including extremely hot, cold, wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive and explosive plant conditions. Using a unique hybrid technology that eliminates wear and tear, GO Switches last longer and outperform other sensors in the most extreme environments.

Metal, Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Enclosures, NEMA/EEMAC 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, & 12 Off-The-Shelf and Custom Modification Engineering, Consoles and Consolets, Meter Cabinets, Modular Cabinets, Eurostyle Cabinets, Safety Disconnect Switch Cabinets, Junction Boxes, Terminal Boxes, Duct, Splitter Troughs, Wireways.