Products O-Z

General Purpose/Power/Solid State Relays, Counters, Timers, Programmable Controllers, HMI Touch Screens, DeviceNet and ProfiBus I/O, Photo Electric, Measuring, Pressure and Proximity Sensors, Limit Switches, Basic Switches, Process/Temperature Controllers, Panel Meters, Power Supplies, Floatless Level Switches, Servo Drives – Motion and Position Controllers, Visual Inspection Systems, Bar Code Readers, Variable Frequency Drives.

Omron STI safety products include safety light curtains, interlocks, relays, mats and sensors. Additionally, Omron STI has maintained a tradition of innovation by successfully developing and applying a variety of sensing solutions for customers in the factory automation, defense and automated toll-way markets.

Premiere Wiring Products – Wiring Duct, Cable Ties, Wiring Accessories, Stainless Steel Products, Identification Products, Fork & Ring Terminals, Crimping Tools, Heat Shrink & Insulation Products, Power Connectors, Signage.

Since 1972 – Red Lion manufactures (in the USA) a family of quality and value oriented industrial control products – HMI Products, Process Controls, Panel Meters, Sensors, Software, Large Marquee Displays etc.

Feed-through Modular Terminal Blocks in Screw, Clamp and IDC Technologies, Test/Disconnect and Fuse Terminals, Connectors for Electronic Application and Printed Circuit Boards, Heavy Duty Connectors, Fixed Pole Connectors, Electronic Signal Conditioners and Converters, Overvoltage Protection, Component Housings, Plotter Marking Systems, Screwdrivers and Crimping Tools, Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers, Power Supplies, Elpro – Wireless I/O, Radio Modems – Serial and Ethernet, Smart wireless gateways for Profibus,
Ethernet, Modbus etc. WIBnet ready products.