Our Values

It is at our very core that we treat customers, suppliers, workmates, and all people with the utmost respect, consideration, and courtesy. This ensures a safe, inclusive environment that enables us to work at the best of our ability and strive for continuous improvement.

Customer Service

We understand the importance of customer service and the power of knowledge. We assist our customers in choosing the correct products that align with their budget, delivery schedule, and application.

Business Relationships

We place value on the importance of our working relationships, and thus treat them with utmost care. Supplier, customer, or employee – respect is key.

Product Diversity

We are highly focused on industrial automation, industrial safety, and motor control products suitable for a wide range of applications. Our inventory is strategically selected to provide customers with a one-stop shop experience.

Product Knowledge

Our representatives continually receive training from our suppliers and professional education institutions. As a result, we have over 170 years of combined industry experience.

Meet the Team

A key component of our strong working relationships, our team is a well-oiled machine.

Michael Zucchelli


Michael Graduated college in 1985, started his career in the electrical industry that year with Wesco Calgary, became part of the WATS group, (Westinghouse Automation Technology Systems) putting together automation systems and programming PLCs. He worked at Omron Industrial Automation Pacific Region for 13 years, first as Inside Sales, then Outside Sales performing sales and training for customers and distributors on the automation, motion, safety, sensors, instrumentation and control component products. Michael has worked at Cesco since 2003 as the Sales Manager and in 2006 became President. In 2020 he completed 35 years in the electrical industry. If Michael isn’t working or playing with his kids, he can be found skiing, hiking, biking or enjoying a cool beverage paired with something tasty

Matt Carr

Operations Manager

After some brief excitement in the wonderful world of retail management, Matt decided to switch paths at the grand age of 23 and accepted a ground floor position within the warehouse at Cesco. His career in the electrical industry started back in 1997 and continues today, most in part to the founders of this great company whose beliefs in their people, customers, and suppliers helped create a dynamic working environment that he has never left!

Matt’s early career at Cesco was spent learning the principles of business passed on by their founders, continued learning and advancements, industry mentorships, and too many years of very long nights at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where he learned too much to consolidate in one bio!

In late 2006 Matt and his business partner completed the acquisition of Cesco, and he has enjoyed many years of therapy since.

Matt’s Hobbies revolve around his children, motorcycles, tattoos, and of course…. travelling!

Leona Lawrence

Accounting | Operations Supervisor

Before joining Cesco in 2012, Leona already enjoyed a few different notable career paths in the travel, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and both federal and municipal law enforcement communities. Ultimately these careers helped prepare Leona for the rough, tough, and often excitable world of accounting and collections within the Electrical Industry of British Columbia.

Leona is a strong believer in the importance of continuous learning and giving back. she has spent time volunteering for the Children’s Hospital, Salvation Army, Municipal Fire Departments and is a member of Hope Central in her community.

Her passions include her children, exploring the world, fitness, and of course her Sphynx Cat “Mr.T”

Joseph Brown

Outside Sales Representative

Joe started his career at Cesco in 1999 and He is now enjoying his 22nd year with Cesco. After two years of working in the warehouse learning the ins and outs of the products we carry, Joe moved to inside sales where he learned more about the industry and honed in on his customer service skills. He has been working outside sales on the road for the last thirteen years and has loved everyday of it, building great relationships with his customers is what he enjoy most about working at Cesco.

In Joe’s free time he enjoy chasing his son around a dirt bike track riding motocross, and when they’re not on the motocross track they’re up in the mountains riding their bikes. The rest of Joe’s spare time is spent relaxing with his wife and two younger daughters.

Janet West

Outside Sales Representative

Janet joined Cesco in 2013 bringing with her the experience of working for Electrical Distributors since 1980. When Janet is not working she enjoys ballroom dancing and Nordic walking. Also, with a passion for travelling, she is always planning the next adventure with the goal of seeing countries on all 7 continents.

Dominic Yee

Outside Sales Representative

Dominic Yee is an outside Senior Sales Representative at Cesco that specializes in automated electrical motor control components and industrial peripherals. Dominic has been with Cesco Electrical Supply since 1991 and brings over 30 years of knowledge. He worked at Hampton Power Systems prior to joining Cesco after college. Dominic is very Personable, likes working with the public and enjoys being on the road. When Dominic is off work you can find him in his garage fixing and riding his vintage scooters. He also loves good food and visiting other countries.

Jeremy Martin

Marketing | Operations

Jeremy started at Cesco in 2018 as a warehouse employee, since 2019 he has been part of the inside sales team, bringing over 5 years of counter sales and customer service experience to the table. when Jeremy’s not at work you can find him carving fresh pow on the mountains during the winter and getting steezy on his mountain bike during summer.

Evan Brydon

Inside Sales Representative

Evan started working at Cesco in 2020. Coming from a strong construction back ground Evan considers himself a people person and a problem solver. Year round you can find him busy with his hobbies such as snowboarding during the winter and skim boarding or biking in the summer!

Shane Havelock

Inside Sales Representative

Shane started at Cesco in July 2023. With a background in Electrical, he’s always been drawn to the power of innovation and technology. But beyond the boardroom, you’ll often find him exploring the great outdoors, catching a soccer match, or tinkering with the latest gadgets.

Patrick Bullock

Warehouse Attendant

Patrick started working at Cesco in 2022. Coming from a background in customer service positions, Patrick brings his strong work ethic and people skills to the team. When not at Cesco, he can be found working on his cars.

Bowie The Cat


After Cesco adopted me and gave me the opportunity to be part of the team, I quickly climbed to the top of the ranks. As acting C.E.O. my job is to run the business as efficiently and effectively as possible. Overseeing operations and business relations, ensuring that unparalleled customer service is provided at all times.