Voltage relay line outline icon

Relays & Control Components

Relays allow electrical and mechanical isolation to a circuit; solid-state relays offer opto-isolation to a circuit with very fast switching times and long electrical life. Control components such as relays, power supplies, timers, counters etc. are designed to minimize layout restrictions and maximize ease of operation, while innovative switching components make manufacturing more flexible.

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Electrical connection terminal icon. White background with shadow design. Vector illustration.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks provide a convenient way to interface electrical circuits, connecting individual wires and an electrical ground for a circuit. Terminal blocks prevent short circuits, eliminate splicing, tidy up harnesses and conserve panel space.

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an icon about electric fuses

Fuses, Fuse Blocks & Fuse Holders

Fuse gear plays a major role in industrial, utility or commercial facilities by providing reliable, overload and short circuit protection to power systems. Their physical size or rejection features prevent replacing a fuse with one from another fuse class. This helps ensure the correct replacement fuse is installed in order to maintain the voltage and interrupting ratings.

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Circuit Breaker Icon, Overload, Short Circuit Protector Switch Vector Art Illustration

Circuit Protection

Miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices, surge protection devices, control, signalling, measuring and smart accessories.

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Pilot Devices

Pilot devices consist of pushbuttons, selector switches, toggle and rocker switches, indicating lights and signal towers. They can be found in any application where there is a need to operate, control, or interface with a machine.

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Power supply unit solid icon, pcrepair concept, mains plug and lightning vector sign on white background, power supply unit glyph style for mobile concept and web design. Vector graphics.

Power Supplies

Control panel power supplies are essential in any electrical panel where supplying control power from main AC power is required. For example, powering programmable logic controllers, relays, safety relays and controllers, interposing relays etc. Specialty power supplies offer a wide range of AC voltage inputs, and some have battery-backed options to supply power for a brief time in the absence of main AC power.

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Electricity icon, , lightning icon, vector

Power Distribution, Management & Grounding

Electrical power distribution is the final stage of an electrical power system. Making sure you have the correct solutions and grounding systems is crucial in the longevity of your design.

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Marking & Labeling

Labels (also referred to as nameplates or markers) convey a wide range of information including the safe installation or use of a given product. For example, information about a product’s electrical rating can help confirm compatibility with an electrical system or other product, thereby preventing circuit overloads or product failures. To suit their specific environments, labels come in a variety of materials such as plastic, and stainless steel.

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Electric plug icon vector sign and symbols


Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together. Well-conceived connections increase safety, efficiency and reliability in electrical equipment. From specialty connectors that have quick-lock features for the fast replacement of sensors and actuators, to heavy-duty connectors that can disconnect large loads while under power.

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Professional tools with practical advantages to optimize high-demand work.

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