New Product

Omron D41 Series Safety Door Switch

For OEMs, machine builders, and end users seeking to better protect operators by preventing bypassing, the D41 Series of RFID-monitored door switches offers a single product family that simplifies the design process and reduces costs.

Key Benefits

  • Fewer possibilities of defeat that could hamper worker protection
  • Lower total cost of ownership thanks to a simpler design and identical mounting for right- and left-hinged doors
  • IP67 housing that prevents water, dust and food accumulation and ECOLAB-certified detergent resistance
  • Easier installation and troubleshooting thanks to automatic pairing, three-color LED indicators and diagnostic output
  • Ability to simultaneously perform pairing for multiple door switches connected in series

D41 Series door switches are ideal for customers who need to reduce safety device tampering, including:

  • End users looking to comply with strict hygiene regulations
  • Machine builders, end users and OEMs seeking safety devices with ECOLAB certification
  • End users needing to prevent downtime related to dust accumulation on mechanical door switches
  • Machine builders and OEMs facing problems with safety device tampering
  • End users, OEMs and machine builders looking to reduce costs by keeping fewer types of door switches in stock and maintaining fewer different guard types

Key Features

  • Type 4 high-coded door switch, RFID
  • Easy and quick automatic pairing
  • Individual coding, single or multiple teaching type
  • Improved hygiene: resistant to wide range of cleaning agents, easy to clean
  • Large actuator tolerances and easy latching force adjustment
  • Power to lock or power to unlock version
  • Actuator or solenoid interlock monitoring
  • Emergency exit, emergency release or manual release
  • 3 actuating directions with identical mounting for left and right hinged doors
  • 3 LED indicators for smart diagnostics
  • Device can be used as an end stop for sliding door applications
  • ECOLAB certified
  • Star handle instead of keyhole to prevent water and foreign material to collect
  • Easily mounted to standard aluminum profile systems
  • Protection class IP66, IP67 and IP